Updates (March 30, 2024)

Life: After getting what you want, is it just your work? – After obtaining school, accomplishments and recognition and then socializing, I see the next thing people do is focus on their ‘company’. What is it that you want to do in the world? What is your work? What is your contribution? What are you adding? The work you do have a change in society? Are you making things easier? Smarter? Lazier? Is it helpful?

School: You can just focus on your work outside of school – School is a place where there are people. They can be young and controlling which can affect you from doing your worldly goals both good and bad. After going back to school and getting affected by others, I realized I must focus on work and the companies I am in. This is the Western ideals of life and work and productivity.

Work: I must refocus on what works and does not work – Am I focusing on the staple things that bring me money and peace of mind?