Updates (March 19, 2024)

Life: You got to push back the laziness – I grew up acting somewhat lazy and not caring. At my age now, I got to push that back. I learned laziness in the media and from my surroundings. It is stupid now when I see it.

Life: After programming for a year and doing what I want – I did enough for me. Anything more is just whaaaa??? I pushed and pushed with the support of my friends and we made it. I got super skills and specialized knowledge now. Things are good. I also developed the grit and resilience to program and program and program without feeling hopeless no more. It took years of mental work to reach this good excess feeling. When you have the skill, and the feeling and power to overcome and also the power to build without feeling lacking, then all is good. You have to build your mental skills. That is all you need in life. It is all mental.

Life: You can not just relax – I went shopping at Real Canadian Superstore out here in North Oshawa today (March 19, 2024). I finished shopping for some simple egg potato salad. I left and saw a really old wise healthy Canadian passing by judging me. Yes, I have made it to old middle-age with some intelligence. No stopping here. I got to maintain my health, skills and mindset to keep building and doing stuff to maintain and maybe improve what I got. All it took was 20 years of schooling. Well in Canada that is normal. I need to accept the hard life and keep building myself for more intelligence and skills. It is a life of learning. It is a life of suffering. It is a life of building resilience.

Life: Seriously, life is doing everything alone but with Vietnamese-Canadian support – After I finished school in 2009, I was scared to see how much I did not know about the world. Forward 15 years later, I realized I was missing the life experience, my passions to get me far and ahead with specialization and the Vietnamese-Canadian support. Life is hard already, but you need that support from other Vietnamese-Canadians to push forward and have that life line connection. I did not get any support from anyone except Vietnamese born in Canada really. Vietnamese from Vietnam don’t understand the thinking and feelings I have to feel being born here in Canada. But also there is a part of you where you have to fight your battles alone. You need to accept the blowback from society. But also just do your own thing to avoid the blowback from society. Anyway life is easy if only you do your own thing with like minded friends. You really have to ignore the blowback from society and just live a life on the outside. Like understand the blowback and go around it. No one is helping you and no one is helping your people.

Life: Is life about doing what you want? Or is it about being able? – I think it is both. No one is coming to save you.