Updates (March 10, 2024)

Life: Socializing more and learning about life – It is all about your passions really, if you can not rise above the “everyday talks”. My parents say you can live a good life in the public space regardless of what is going on around you if you focus on good things and can see through the mud. To see through the mud I found is to be incredibly smart and logical. That means to study programming to the end limits to have that solid structure and guideline. I did not find other subjects fulfilling as they are full of emotions and culture and bias and ego. Computers are so logical that there is not much room for “self” really. And when you go further and create software that reflects you then you go beyond the everyday. People may mislabel you and think you are not who your are because you are thinking socially now in all its good and bad elements and thought patterns. The reality is focusing on your passions. It seems like the only place that is right in the world. Putting yourself in the normal everyday doesn’t do work no more as there is a human element. You have to think higher and higher and smarter and smarter. That is the only way to live when you realize the world around you is just drama most of the time. Yes, life for a man is just his passions. That is the way to avoid all the unnecessary drama not including topics of race and culture. I guess it takes a Vietnamese guy like me to avoid the drama because from what I know about Vietnam is mostly about wars and conflict. I can see beyond the unnecessary drama control and influence from others.

Programming: I seriously think working like a programmer solves all issues you have – Being able to create your own stuff including your own world is all you need to avoid everything bad.

Life: You are supposed to get done your schooling then learn to live – I finally finished my schooling last year and reflected a bit. Now I can socialize in the Canadian space. I am trying to grow and live in the Canadian space. I am learning lots. I am accepting the simple truths and simple problems of living in Canada. It is stressful but bearable without the harshness of other countries. No Canadian is that bad. But what they don’t teach you in schools is that you got to grow and evolve too? Especially for me as a Vietnamese guy. I have to grow and evolve to break stereotypes and become knowledgeable and intelligent to push back the super bad negative stereotypes that plagued my people since the 1960-70s. Anyways I am protecting my peace by networking and socializing with other like minded Vietnamese-Canadians. No other group has my back really.

Programming: You are supposed to have that immense brain to store a Boeing 777 and more – People are emotional and natural but you need structure and logics to build and get at something. Having the brain to build beyond what is in front of you is the goal to have that space and control in this world.

Programming: Trying to change to think higher and enlightened – After living normally for about a year, it is boring and not surprising really. I have to change my mindset at my age to think smart and at least change the page to live smarter. There is nothing else at this point at my age. What does the public think? Are there people who actually think my way? How about younger people who have not experienced that much as me?

School: When I am not in schooling or not learning or not developing and not growing there are issues. – That is just life. Constant growth is needed for this Vietnamese man. The public is against learning. Society is against learning.

Work: Maybe tutoring is the only way for this Vietnamese-Canadian – For me I need to continue to learn and grow because it feels good and right for my individual plight. I will attempt to work in tutoring centers to continue my studies as for a Vietnamese guy. No education and no growth is just bad and not helping with my confidence.

Culture: There is Vietnamese-Canadian culture and then their is Canada – How do you live in the two?

Work: You have to work with smart pushing forward people – That is all there is to life.

Work: As a Canadian, all I have is my education – To thrive feeling great is education. I will work as a tutor at tutoring centres and keep developing my things to feel cemented and great here in Canada and the World.

Programming: Keeping programming will get me somewhere great and far and highly specialized.

Culture: Is Canadian life all about your job and skills? – Yes, I think it is. Some of my friends all day just think about work.

Culture: Working and living as a Vietnamese – You have to aspire for more than the CRT – Critical Race Theory right?

Life: You have to push learning and earning for others and yourself – At this point in time you have to at this old age.