Updates (March 2, 2024)

Life: Do people really share the stage? – At my age, I have to continue to address my plight and break the stereotypes. Some other groups of people try to limit me and place me in a box sometimes I feel. Are people in Canada really trying to share the stage? Anyways at my age I am old and have different needs and wants now. The more time I stay home and do my thing, the more I accomplish and grow. I am pretty sure no one wants to share the stage really. It is up to you to stay in your lane and grow for your own sake. Other people and their culture can not address everyone. You got to take care of yourself. And that means doing your own thing. Are you going to share the stage? Who are you helping? What is it that you want to share?

School: When you have programming, then people will listen and even try to criticize you and pick at you maybe to find your faults – I finally have some computer programming. I think it is the most hardest skill you can have maybe. It helps everything with your life. People in other high professions that is not programming can not really comprehend the depth and complexity of programming that much if you have done it for a while. Some high professionals might criticize you openly to look for your faults because they feel “different”. They can not really understand what you are doing. They can not understand your perspective. For me, I only like programming some bit. It takes all day to do it. It is tiring but 1,000,000% rewarding. I don’t think you have time to criticize anyone as a programmer. It is logic based and not emotional or cultural really. Life is a skills game really. It is a skills game for life. But live your life on your terms for a good happy relaxing thoughtful mindful life at the forefront. You really are supposed to study for life.

Life: You really have to zone out and focus on yourself in Canada – It is nice to see politics and culture play a role in life. Other people and their culture are nice but really you have to understand yourself and take care of yourself and for your enjoyment here in Canada. You have to address your small issues to the big ones. You can not really help others 100%. Everyone has their problems and they must address them first. Spending time alone learning and doing your own thing and with your friends, you can address your problems. Other people can bother you and make you lose your happiness and trajectory. Lose the bigger picture. You don’t have time for everyone really unless you are part of the majority I think with that overseeing knowledge and skills. I am a minority and need to address my problems first before helping others. It is all about acquiring skills to do everything you want without relying on others. I think everyone can take a step back and see things as a skills game. If you are lucky to be born here in Canada, you can take the time to study and acquire all the skills you want on your own time. Maybe something unique can come from it too.