Updates (July 21, 2021)

I have been doing stuff.

My friends have been helping me.

I slowly came to the following realization after working with my friends.

I have been programming for about a year and have created a number of things with the team.

For some programs I needed to create things I could not find on Google … or I did not Google hard enough. Maybe my ‘Google Fu’ was/is lacking?

Anyways, my stuff I make is still simple I think. I have not worked in the real world yet. But for school or understanding general logic concepts, everything is on Google I think?

I need to ask this question to real coders: Is what they do on the daily somewhat Googable? I think yes! …

I asked a 3rd year finished coming on 4th year computer science ‘Co-op’ student at Ontario Tech University (formally UOIT) this question and he said yes!

He said he generally thinks how to solve something but when implementing he looks for help by Googling. He said he has gotten really good at Googling …

I further asked him, “So are you coasting?” and he replied, “Eh, sometimes depends on the class.”

When I was doing a general science degree, I had to read and research at least 10 to 30 minutes for some help and understanding. Sometimes up to an 1 hour reading a textbook and doing some questions to understand something complicated … also I did not really like what I was doing at the time. But computer programming is something else and I like doing. Googling for help takes like 3 minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes to get some grip.

I came to this realization with the support of my family, friends and teachers at my humble college, Durham College.

In my case, to get a computer programming education required a basic understanding of logic, love of computers and the rest can be mostly ‘Googled’.

I am pretty much at ease now. I have less stress as I can find what I need simply by Googling for some stuff and through talking to my close supportive friends.

I got to a point where things feel pretty OK. I feel I gained enough knowledge that I feel very independent now. So now I can focus on my health and enjoy life. I don’t know any other field for me that takes just some “Googling” for some helpful bits.