Updates (August 1, 2021)

I have one month left until school starts for me. I have some more schooling to do. I hope to finish. I hope I don’t have any problems or issues.

At Durham College (DC), I believe class will be flexible. I will have the option to be in class or online.

I will choose online. I am kind of used to online now. Being online doesn’t really bother me.

I started writing the 3rd chapter of my CompTIA A+ study guide. It is going OK I guess.

I have another project I am working too that will help me … in about a month I hope to have some results. Will post hopefully when I get something.

The reason why writing the CompTIA A+ study guide is taking so long is that I feel it is pretty general. I mean what I am trying to write is from my experience and research. Writing it doesn’t feel so concrete.

I mean trying to write about a general topic is kind of hard in that you could go more in depth but should you? How much more in depth? How much more research?

Anyways, I think I will just try to write very lightly at first and just add experiences to it when I try to edit. This is like a learning process for me as I get more into this.

Take care and have a great rest of your summer people!