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The cool thing about programming is that you are almost in the forefront of technology.

Trying your best in your niche/field, you feel you are a part of something special and of something of your own.

You are designing new tools or streamlining operations.

It feels great doing such new developments.

A part of me doesn’t think all this is necessary though.

I kind of want a simple life.

But you get this satisfaction of leading something of your own. I got this from programming in my niche.

I was able to express my thoughts and ideas for myself and with my friends.

It is nice being so brainy.

But I am getting to a point where I don’t really care no more.

I want a simple life and want to live in the present moment at times.

It is addictive trying something hard and new though.

Is it healthy? Is it right? Should we expect this? Expect this from yourself?

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