Programming is control

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Control over my life was complete once I did what I wanted.

I created software that mattered to me and software that mattered with my friends.

After I finished school at Durham College for a 2-year diploma in Computer Programming and reflecting after, I realized the following:

  • At my age of 39 years old, I have to look and be mature. I look old now. Everything has to match up. There are milestones you should meet. Matching your age to maturity is one. Never give up learning and working on yourself.
  • After finishing school and reflecting, I think I can relax but there is a part of me always searching for more. I have to put a limit to my expectation of myself. Probably grow in other ways like working on my soft skills and social skills.
  • I have to concentrate on life soloing like a man and not get emotional or attached.

Computer programming got me up to these points above.

But the coolest part of me now after creating software is that I might have the feeling that I can build stuff by generally talking and researching about it.

At the end of the day, you can produce stuff without needing to listen to anyone. You have control over your life if you want to create products.

I sometimes forget that and think I have to work for someone for the rest of my life. It would be nice to have your own company but I think you need experiences working for others too.

The more maths you can do will enable you to start a life by yourself without being dependent.

An example for me, Phạm Nhật Vượng of Vingroup had profound mathematical aptitude and is now one of the richest billionaires in Asia in a short period of time. He launched electric cars under the brand Vinfast. With his math, he as able to create tons of products.

Complete control.

Also with this control and background and products I created, I have something rather than just some schooling only. I can talk with a foundation to talk about and reflect on.

Please do what you want and create something you want from your heart to reach maturity and control.

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