Differentiation Part 2

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OMG working in the real world and school was horrendous for me.

It was not good.

Do I have to bear this treatment? Can I get used to this treatment at my age? Should I just accept it?

I realized I have to do “better”. There is no other way.

I got to do my own thing. This gets me the expertise and vantage point to help others in my situation or worse.

Life is coming to a point where you actually have to be Stefan Trost of www.stefantrost.com.

After realizing this now (September 23, 2023), I guess it is acceptable now.

I don’t want to get treated so badly when it is already bad enough for me.

It is like a starting point. Back at zero. That is the goal. Possibly the goal for every computer person.

I did not realize how bad it was out there and how to circumvent the mistreatment I get.

It doesn’t help to just slot in there and take the abuse of general society of IT work.

Am I missing the message?

You have to generally develop skills in life and not be stagnant.

Just trying to fit in doesn’t work it seems.

You got to make things better and help.

I will try to help other projects that I am interested in and want to help.

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