In the moment

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Zoning in programming has 2 good things about it.

  1. You focus on your craft
  2. You forget about the superficial stuff going on in this world

When you focus on your craft, it is all good really. You are advancing on your skillsets. You are being sharp in your field.

When you just program all the time, the talk outside could be mainly useless. All superficial stuff that could be hurtful and negative goes down the drain.

Do you really need to listen to the possible negativity outside taking away from your fun with your friends?

Once in a while it might be a breather to see what is going on in your surroundings but if it is negative, then it is negative.

One thing I am learning about life is to think meta. You have to think larger and understand the nuisances about daily life and play around it to live a life you want. Just think meta I guess. No one can just accept negativity all day.

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