You should learn programming to see and understand the power of creation

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I see people on the streets and homeless people here in Oshawa and see homeless people on YouTube videos all across North America and the world.

The power of creation like programming could help those people. . If they put in the time to learn programming, they could help themselves get out of thinking bleak.

I studied programming because I liked it somewhat (40%) but also was scared of being jobless and homeless. I was scared of being reliant on a company or someone.

I was scared of kissing ass all day and working like a dog to some unhappy boss.

I live out here in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada where when I am working generally, I have bosses that work me to the bone and mistreat me somewhat. Lots of workplace drama where people like power, control and abuse their power sometimes. Typical stuff. Even racist stuff.

Therefore, I needed to escape it and learn programming (creation) to survive and to grow mature and old and gain as many skills to manage life and people.

The best thing about programming is to work toe-to-toe with people at the forefront of technology is like gravy. It is so fulfilling to work so hard and so open minded doing a high skill job.

You can not really do anything new or for yourself while working fulltime in general workplaces (retail/customer service/fast food) except work long, long hours, kiss ass 24/7 and scrub the place spotless clean to really keep your job here in Canada. This is what happens to me here in Canada.

There is a boss and employee dynamic that is pretty bad when you are old, old. If you are old like me and have to kiss ass that just plain sucks. Some people don’t mind but it is pretty bad to kiss ass to someone when you are middle-aged. And when the boss is younger than you, it is awful kissing ass.

Are people doing what they actually want? Or just pushing themselves? My parents say to push.

I could just open up my own computer repair store and be the boss because that is what I like naturally. That should be OK. I could just fix computers for a bit of money and program things in the downtime. I would be my own boss and not worry and I would actually like it. But doing computer programming full time and thinking like this is much more fulfilling??? If I repair PCs all day that would be so tiring and probably have no time to do anything else leaving me sick, tired and unfulfilled.

I am pretty sure you have to push and push forever. Some other cultures don’t do this. I feel my parents way is the right way for me to continue to push and push. If I don’t listen to my parents, I can not function.

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