The first steps into developing your own software

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It was so gut wrenching to try to develop a piece of software that sits alongside other known software.

I was so afraid of the whole thing. The jump from 0 to 100 was like a mountain I would never reach high enough I thought.

What helped me was being interested in it and with Ben coaching me on and going day by day, bit by bit.

In my room I would be typing slowly and debugging and experimenting and for curiosity and fun.

For the next 2 years after building my early software, I was so scared to start a new projects because the unknown was so vast.

Over time things get easy and I could create things more easily as I built the grit, confidence and drive.

Much later came the “who cares attitude” which is I felt at ease programming after so much experience in WPF and C#.

Once you get to 3 years of programming the scared feeling you get is eased. It just takes time to learn and develop for other projects. It requires you to just find the time really to sit and program after. The extra knowledge can be learned without much fuss.

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