Space for control

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Computers are almost non-emotional. It is the only place where numbers and knowing more can get you ahead and control over your life.

It is crazy how behind you feel when all you are is just emotional and living in the rainfall of feelings.

When you see other people so technical then you feel at a loss and behind if you are not technical like them and in control of your emotions and feelings.

Mainstream stereotypical culture and biases can fill your mind causing you to stop and stunt your growth.

You can not be immature for 50 years after 35 years old. You must grow and develop I think. Grow your skills and your brain into seeing and doing more. It is easy to fall back and eat chips and pop all day. You should not I think.

Only in computers can you grow to have growth of something extrinsic and valuable that people respect.

But once you know some/enough computer programming … life gets good. It gets somewhat logical and you can control and use logical to relax and decide.

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