Reflection about school and school at middle-age

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General schooling

Schooling is OK when you are young from my experience in Canada. But the problem with it is some racist people from all different nationalities try to limit you and put you down and enforce the “system”. But that is avoidable because people can act racist first then let it go and try to work together. But sometimes they don’t … But it should be OK as everyone is learning and growing together trying to adjust and make space for each other.

Schooling at middle-age

I thought when I got middle-aged and went back to school everyone would be looking to the stars and see and grow and think out-of-the-box and not cultured. (As a middle-aged man now, I don’t think that cultured no more). But no, there are still even racist people at whatever age 5 to 70+ years old. The racist people want to keep the “system” intact sometimes and think that is how it should be for the next gazillion years and don’t think people will evolve and change and grow. They don’t see the positive sides. There could be positive products and solutions and ideas by allowing other people to grow and develop. Some racists won’t allow growth and development from other people and rather see nothing arise from them.


Work outside schools and companies. The outside, outside real world is different from inside these institutions. You can get your education online and network and socialize outside these places and only work with same frequency friends.

Sometimes school/work places won’t allow you to think out-of-the-box. Or you can not think out-of-the-box because the bad environment and bad energy limits you and drags you down. It is hard and almost impossible for me to arise from the bad environment and bad energy sometimes. The people who currently work in the system maybe “stuck” thinking in the system too. If they are really experienced, maybe old and smart that they can see outside too while working in the system. But for the most part they are dealing with same old system (same ideas and same stereotypes) thinking I think. And that is how things generally are and that is how things generally work here in Canada.

In higher education, you are supposed to objectify everything. There is no limit to the mind and yourself. If there are limits then there is nothing.

And when you get so old, you have to just think outside the box. Thinking in the box does nothing for you really.

In Canada, you can actually live in the fringes and do what you want. I think you need to live that way too. New perspectives and new ideas can arise from living and thinking on the fringes. Living in the system maybe just routine.

As a newcomer to Canada, I think I see things differently. Established people may not see what I see. New perspectives may have some value.