After School

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Yesterday was graduation from college.

It has been over 1 month since finishing school. Today is June 14th, 2023. I finished school on April 21st, 2023.

I realized the following things.

  • You have to focus on a skill to excel at as a man. For me that is improving your skills as a programmer. You can actually keep improving and improving as a programmer each day to no end possibly. At least learn all the million “algorithms” and “system designs” out there. All of that is free available online. Forget about everything and just increase my programming skills. I can only really focus on one thing. It is like impossible to be so spread out doing this and that. Just focus on one thing and see where it takes you. It should take you far and on a journey. It should be fun.
  • My friend Tan Vu (John) has a very high mature mindset. He is busy each day trying to earn living as a software developer and keep busy to avoid any negativity. He reached a mature stage in life to just keep at it. Keeping busy (the process/the struggle) is what he keeps doing. It is not the end goal. It is not the money. It is not the prestige really. The goal is to keep at something. I realize he is more mature than me always researching and learning. He also disabled all social media and disabled Facebook accounts too. That is very mature and allows him to have peace of mind.
  • School was OK. It was nice to be in high school again … not 😄! My worldly beliefs are still true after finishing school. I talk to my Vietnamese friends and we all have the same feelings and problems out there in the real world. I came back to my old self not bothering with what is going on in the school environment. I stay in my lane and do the things I truly want in my own place. School for me is just a place to get that paper and get that theoretical education.

Yes. Nothing has really changed for me outside in the real world. The only thing I learned and confirmed is that I should be travelling and seeing new places (At least eating new foods 😄) to enjoy and learn about the world and continue to improve my skills in programming at my own pace and place. All my same frequency friends have the same viewpoints and problems.

What you want to do after school is what is important.

Life is OK. Life is good. It is just time to enjoy and learn for your sake in the world after.

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