Negative People

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It was hard to find positive people who I can work with. It took me many years until meeting the following people.

When I was volunteering at a local computer store here in my hometown in 2018, I met Ben Cybulski. He was doing co-op for high school at the store. He is incredibly smart and funny. Over the months, we worked on fixing PCs and laptops and talked computer stuff. He wanted to create a website talking about technology, reviews and articles. He created with me. He has so much drive to learn and do more in the computer field. It was his idea to create a Windows Debloater using PowerShell: . I only had small ideas at the time. Ben pushes me to keep learning even when I don’t want to. He is truly a great person!

I branched into making more ‘Windows Debloaters’ using farag2 Sophia Script and eventually became friends with the author, Dmitry Nefedov online. I now work with him on his ‘Sophia’ projects. This is his repository on GitHub hosting information about himself and his projects: . I owe him a lot. He is a very altruist creating a free open-source Windows 10/11 customizer and automation tool for the world to use. I call the Sophia Script project a “Windows Debloater plus more”. He is always positive always pushing me to do more and more.

These two guys have compatible personalities with me. I can not change my personality. Luckily, I found these guys to work with.

I am trying to find more people to work with. I think I am missing that. I think I need some more people to work (play) with!

It is usually “computer people” who I can work with and play with.

For example, I worked with the people at back in 2013 and I get along with them even after all these years … computer people.

Whenever I work with either Ben or Dmitry, I get transported into a new way of thinking that overcomes any negativity I have.

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