My experience with self-learning

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When I dropped out of computer science in university, I tried doing other things other than computer programming.

I did content creation, graphic design and tech writing.

I came back to the conclusion that programming was the only solution to create content without relying on others to create solutions for me to write about.

For example in 2013, the massive FPS game Battlefield 4 came out. I did a series of benchmark videos. I got views but I relied on someone else’s custom software that could modify the game graphic settings to do the benchmarks.

I thought to myself, “Man, if I could make this custom settings game launcher it would be so cool!”. By building software I could make my own content.

I revisited learning programming using the book “Introduction to Programming Using Python” by Y. Daniel Liang

I did a chapter a week. I tried to do all the questions. Some were too hard and I skipped. I also created some simple programs that I put online.

I think during this time in my life, I was still looking for the easy way into understanding programming. Like I thought by just reading the book was enough.

When I reflect back to 2013-4, I had a ‘get smart quick’ approach which will never pan out.

Programming I learned now is an always evolving activity. I previously just created small programs and was reluctant to learn more. It was too time consuming, too much energy and I was not ready to sit there and solve all day long.

I had a mental blockade that thought programming was meant for other people who are gifted people and I was not.

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