My experience in colleges

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I got old. I worked this job and that job.

Nothing was coming together for me.

I realized while travelling by bus one day from work that ‘software creation only mattered’.

I went back to college near my home and tried a couple of courses in computers. One computer hardware course and one computer programming course.

It was hard.

I met other budding computer people. It was fascinating seeing other people like me and more.

College was different from university I felt.

College students are chill. It doesn’t seem to be like a race for them. There was no competition.

Even after doing computer programming for about almost a year at college, I was still hesitant to learn.

It was only by stopping computer programming and doing practical nursing school in the city (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) and then coming back to computer programming I had this following revelation.

I only have one life to live. It is best to do something you always dreamt about doing. Only by learning something you like will you continue to learn it. By learning more can you get out of your misery and arrogance and treat yourself better and others around you. You become healthier and nicer if you keep learning.

Also a teacher from Durham College helped me tremendously. It was life changing in fact. He made programming easy going bit-by-bit and said “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just a bunch of IF statements”. I always thought I had to be sophisticated. By him saying that I realized I approached life wrong entirely LOL. Life is just a bunch of “IF statements” is it?

I learned as long as I take the simple direct approach I should be OK in my journey.

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