Layers, Communication, Complexity

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Only after doing these things, I finally accept the next step in programming I think.

  1. Programming things I solely want
  2. Programming things my group of friends we want
  3. Drudge through school learning these two helpful advices:
    1. Programming is just bunches of “IF” statements so take everything bit-by-bit through “2” paths “IF” and “ELSE”. Think in bit sized chunks. Take life in bit sized chunks.
    2. Programming is a daily learning activity. Learn a bit everyday. BUT also enjoy a bit everyday. A programmers life is that. Just learn and grow and enjoy life if you can.
  4. Finally learned a bit of web development integrating different languages, frontend, backend and database.

After doing web development for a long while in school I finally accepted it. It is so layered and complex communicating to many things.

Once you can think so complex and big than everything makes sense. You have to accept the vastness of web development to appreciate what you can do with it and how it runs the web, how it runs the world.

If you choose to just do your own projects with your friends, then you don’t see what you can really do out there in the world with proper web development skills.

Maybe your individual projects are really interesting to you but that is like 1/10th of the complexity you will learn if you took the time to do web development long term. I think if you kept up with complex web development you can tackle smaller projects like individual personal ones with more ease as you have learned all the complexity upfront first in web development.

Again, I exhausted my self-interest projects and now learning web development has helped me see the world literally. Everything runs on the web. To get a handle on life, learning web development might be the skills you need to have greater understanding of the world around you and do something. Programming -> Web Development is just one way to get greater skills and do things.

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