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What people don’t tell you about learning computer programming …

Everything improves when learning and doing programming.

When I was in school (university) many years ago in 2008-2009 trying to do computer science, I met toxic competitive people trying to stop me from obtaining an education in computer science … basically younger students or immature people are just so competitive and make life a competition.

But once I finished computer programming at college (not university) I got the power and control of “my life”.

Computer programming allowed me to be able to do anything alone if I needed for my own individual interests and also work out in the real world.

We all get old …

As we age we start being alone more and it is not good if you don’t have any skills to be occupied and grow. You need more maturity and wisdom as you age to offset getting old. You don’t stop.

Because I work with Ben Cybulski doing something far out there (computer software utilities that looks for better ways to solve problems). It is like one of the farthest out you can go without hitting limits.

Thinking this far out helped me get to a point that I am comfortable.

There is nothing beyond this type of thinking. I can slow down now as I reached this type of thinking. I don’t have to compare or compete no more because of this type of thinking. I just enjoy life and accept whatever goes.

Thank you programming.

Thank you Al Michael Lane of AMLCSL who pushed me into education.

Thank you Durham College teachers.

And thank you Ben Cybulski for pushing me to program more and more.

Thank you to the many friends that helped me on my journey to realize this.

I now just look forward working with people who don’t bring out the competitive side of everything. I work with people who collaborate and look at things positively.

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