Finally Finished School

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Marks are finally in. Passed. Done.

I am grateful for being able to do school here in Canada and pass and earned this diploma: Durham College 2-year Diploma in Computer Programming

It has been since 1998 I wanted to do computers but was pushed along a different pathway to do life sciences instead.

Regardless of what happened, I learned after doing computers finally that I now have a perspective that is computer based.

I learned I can take a more logical approach to things to help make things understandable for me instead.

Anyways, in life it is hard to talk about this journey into programming and growth. I am voicing my concerns here of what I went through.

I am like the first generation of Vietnamese born in Canada growing up in Canada. I did not have someone to really guide me along this pathway. I had to put the trust and belief in my mom, Durham College and my friends and God/Buddha.

Now I got the help, I feel obligated to help back.

It is important to voice my concerns and problems like this blog for me. Now after I matured up and can think another level which is just “mature old”. I am learning as a mature person now after finishing and reflecting.

Without putting my trust in my mom, the teachers at Durham College and God/Buddha, I would not have matured.

In life, I learned that I must have a purpose in life BUT also that allows for ongoing growth and maturity.

No one can teach others what to do really. No one can really control others. We can get advice and tips.

But we all have something we like to do I think. I was able to do what I like and can do something now that is related.

I am grateful.

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