My experiences with programming when I was younger


When I was young, I thought programming was very interesting and futuristic but not enough … let me explain.

In elementary school back in the early 90s, there was a room dedicated to just computers. I tried programming and felt it was very odd just sitting there in a dedicated room just typing. There were no windows. Just a line of computers humming.

I did not make the connection back then that this training was the first steps into understanding logic.

I really thought it would be wise to learn something else like physics or math and better to become a doctor or something else like a scientist.

It seemed slow and tedious to type away on this machine line by line. I did not like it. There was no colours. There was no GUI. I thought it was monotonous. It felt lonely just concentrating on the screen.

I believe I was in grade 3 or 4 at that time. I did not think this experience was anything special.

My teachers looked dismayed. They could not show how important this was to me at that time.

In high school, I tried programming but could not wrap my head around functions, loops, and recursion. I thought I should not do this and was better off doing other things.

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