My experience in colleges (nearing the end)

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At the end of college, I realized how important education is.

Education enables you to think far into the future and into the minds of others.

Education enables you to see a bigger life for yourself.

Trying to do more and see more is good.

But shouldn’t you be just doing what you like?

I realize that for myself I am looking for more.

The more computer studies I do in programming allows me to be able to use computers for everything and apply it everywhere.

The approach I found is to look simple and direct, while the scope is large and infinite.

Teachers at Durham College taught me how to look at stuff in the most simple and direct way possible at first.

However, there are teachers that go fast and big. It is hard to think so massive. Comparing yourself to them is pointless especially when I am just a “system utilities” developer.

At the end, we mature and take on the bigger things in life to enable us and challenge ourselves.

I am meeting bright minds at college during my final semester and I find myself surrounded by hungry minds wanting to tackle the world.

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