Helping others

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I am very fortunate to have what I have. I live in Canada and am healthy. That should be enough to be happy and not angry at my current life situtation.

So far since May 2020, I have been creating free software for both and

I feel good doing this.

So now it has been over a year and I grew.

I reached out to volunteer at a non-profit organization and they want me to redesign their website. I feel happy that people would like my help. This solidified me knowing that what I have been learning and doing so far is good. Having outside opinion rate my work and myself was comforting to affirm me.

I surrounded myself with positive people and helped and now help a non-profit organization is what I needed to grow. I needed to help others.

No more negative people in my life.

What else is there than to be good?

I grew by volunteering and helping. Through learning what I have so far, I feel more appreciative. I don’t need that much no more to feel satisfied with my life.

Through careful examination of my connections in work and life, I feel I have finally have control of my health and pathway.

I need to continue to help others and focus on the broader picture.

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