Freedom in programming

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As I continue life doing programming, I more and more realize programming is almost limitless. Like you can simulate everything in a computer model.

The things I want to do, I can do I think … I must try.

Like I can find things to do.

Programming or computers in general is culturally thought of as a really hard to do profession and that only geeks/nerds can do.

It is them versus you mentality: common folk versus the technical.

When I was working as a computer technician, I found the separation between normal users to the computer professional large.

When I was working at Best Buy, I was surrounded by smart customers and super smart coworkers and felt lost.

I did computer programming to differentiate myself because I felt just like a common techy and also I had to do programming to fulfill my passion.

To be technical or not is a uphill decision.

Because I am in it, I feel limitless and free.

To get to where I am was grueling. After graduating university in 2009, I spent years doing other things to build up my mind to finally get to this point.

Not easy.

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