I finished 2 courses that changed my perspective in what I was doing for the past year.

I was taking ‘MATH for IT’ and ‘DCOM’ (Data Communications).

I will talk about DCOM first. I wanted to learn about Cisco certifications. I finally learned it and it was a lot of work. More work than I expected. You are expected to be an encyclopedia of everything networking and Cisco devices. That is why Network Administrators get paid the big bucks.

MATH for IT opened by mine to the possibilities of circuits. I am not interested in this area. But its is there to learn and grow from. It is the physical computer that I use everyday.

While talking to my friends, I realized 2 things. Are all programmers trying to get good enough to program like everybody else to work for big tech companies? Jokingly, are we all trying to create ‘The Matrix‘?

Anyways, I am done school now basically. Next final 4th semester is supposedly easier than 3rd.

Coasting from now on but for how long? I don’t know …

Do we ever stop learning? What is learning when it is truly fun?

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