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I had many jobs over the years. Here is a list of jobs I had in order.

  1. Property maintenance (landscaping, garbage removal, cleaning, painting)
  2. Graphic design (digitized school crest and course calendar for high school and some designs at post-secondary)
  3. Daycare worker
  4. Farm work 🙂
  5. Produce clerk during nights till early mornings at large supermarket
  6. Pharmacy assistant at large pharmacy
  7. Host and cleaner at buffet
  8. English teacher overseas
  9. Produce clerk again during nights and some days at large supermarket
  10. Dishwasher and food prep at buffet
  11. Computer technician at computer repair store
  12. Technology journalist for
  13. Graphic designer for
  14. Graphic designer artwork for Carey Holzman Tech YouTuber and Tech Podcaster
  15. Computer sales associate at Best Buy
  16. Cell phone sales associate in large supermarket
  17. Team member at Taco Bell 🙂
  18. Peer-tutor at college for practical nursing
  19. Self made stuff: trying to build software and write (
  20. Web designer for a non-profit organization charity

Having these many experiences helped me get my current role as a web designer.

During my journey there was so many times I wanted to quit programming and just do retail sales and computer repair for the rest of my life. I always seemed to hit a wall. I looked at life complicated and complex. I am tempted to make myself sophisticated to look bright and special but I feel that it won’t help my situation. Most answers in computer programming are a Google search away.

Luckily in 2021, I am using WordPress and a flexible theme to make the website for the non-profit organization. I am lucky to use a theme that gives me so many options to customize that I may not even have to get into the code to customize it manually.

Having a backup job is nice. You don’t have to be a slave to that one job. I can always quit and do something less stressful and make a descent living as a computer technician. Carey Holzman said the computer repair business is not dead. So it is good to have many passions in order to live with less stress and explore to grow.

When I got and then accepted the role as web developer at the non-profit, it was so comforting. It was like I felt I made it. Like I am doing what is needed in the world in IT. Once you finally get a real world IT position in your field it is so gratifying. You don’t want to fail or give up. My boss is super nice too! I am lucky!

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