Full Circle to Completion

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I had a dream to create tools.

I created some tools and tweaks but what made me feel complete was to create this piece of software: Network Fix and Optimizer Utility.

I started with a Visual Basics and Windows Forms program for version 1.0 to now a full WPF and C# one with version 1.1.

From 0% to 100% is what made me feel complete.

It took me 37 years to design something like this from all my experiences and jobs I did out in the world.

Creating something for yourself should be the ultimate goal.

Please try to create something for yourself to show to the world. It should show your personality, should show you. By showing your true character you feel great and at peace with yourself in the world. Develop a solution.

I worked at a computer repair store and liked the idea of deploying computers out in the field. I do like travelling and meeting new people, travelling to new places and did this.

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