Advanced programming

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I got attached to doing projects outside of school work. That is where I learned mostly.

I eventually created ‘Wrappers’ to create and run PowerShell scripts to ‘Debloat’ Microsoft Windows which was Ben Cybulskis’ idea. and

  1. Sophia Script Wrapper
  2. Windows 10 Debloater, Windows 11 Debloater
  3. Gaming Debloater

Moving up and creating wrappers taught me many things with Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov:

I learned to code in C# and WPF and used more packages. All modern things.

If I did not change from coding from Visual Basics to C#, I would not have learned what everyone else is learning and using together.

All sample and answer code and documentation on the web is written in a main language like C#. Well this is true for Microsoft Windows desktop applications.

So find a project you are interested in and create something. If you are having trouble finding something to do, join MDL (MyDigitalLife Forums) to look at what scripters, modders and programmers are doing and sharing. It can be fun and rewarding.

I am on MDL as Davidgamerthumbs. This is my thread: . This thread shows what I have been scripting and shows my progress. Lots of friendly people on there!

Just recently, the Windows 10 Debloater I created with my friends got recognized by a major publication: My friends and I worked and had fun together creating something.

I believe it is so important for everyone to follow their passions and make positive genuine friends who would like to do something they all like together. It was so impossible for me to do things alone.

Also when you get older, things get easier. You just do what you please. That is life. Nothing can stop you. Just do what you like. Your mind gets mature to the point where your needs only matter to you. You need to fulfill your needs first or else you don’t self-actualize and reach your full potential. Help yourself first and then you can help others.

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