It was Web Development at the end

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Everyone has that feeling. It is in your gut.

Web Development is the answer. Everything and everyone is on the Internet.

Doing a job like web development is a huge goal and it grows you. It makes you thrive satisfying all parts of the mind and body.

I can not just do my personal projects all day. I must fully be present and work, work.

Not many people want to do both art and logic. Not many people want to do front-end development and back-end too.

I guess if people go through life and work and work, they may eventually find themselves having to do this type of work???

Pleasing your boss and client and keeping the client is such a goal worth pursuing.

The job is not perfect but that is the cool thing and mystery behind it.

You have to keep physically healthy doing web development because you are using your entire mind and body to keep this work going.

When I was doing my own projects, I was a “blob” sitting in front of my PC having fun.

Working web development has that awareness that you must develop a web site that is “great” for the audience and masses. It has to meet a certain level of appeal and skill.

Anyways, I think everyone is understanding what web development really is. You can not put your finger on it. You can not just try to sum it up and shelve it. You can not perfect it really. It takes a lot of practice to get it “good” and “right”.

To compare, you can look at your work and compare it to multi-billion dollar company websites and see what you are missing in terms of logic and feeling. Lots of work to be done to make it work.

You can possibly be employed full time for life if you just create stellar WordPress themes and customize it for your clients/shoppers for that extra fee to mod it a bit or a lot. I think that is a high skill worth going for.

Or you can build one of those WordPress theme frameworks where you have 199+ themes that vary for a lifetime paid pass. WordPress is not going nowhere. Might as well try doing WordPress work to see where it takes you and for you to learn.