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What do you do when you have done what you wanted?

I was kind of stuck after doing what I wanted. But after taking time off and trying to find things to do I realized it is all about keep finding things to do, relaxing, reflecting, helping others, communicating with others and reading self help information/media.

I realized programming is the only activity that has some “control” in life. You are trying to build clean and efficient structures. Everything else seems so destructive and out of control.

It is about consistency and trying to thrive now as I feel I have done enough education and execution of the things I wanted. I just now need to keep doing programming regularly to keep continuing to grow and keep busy. The secret was to keep trying to do programming and taking time to reflect and learn. There is still so much to learn and grow from this field even though I am not that interested in building things that I am not interested in.

I am lucky to have the time to practice programming doing the things I like.

After 8 months of programming after almost finishing school I feel very confident and a bit experienced.

I am not working for a company but I am doing what I like.

From doing the things I want I can get really busy and get very in-depth of what I am doing. I am solving new problems by myself mostly.

I am not working for a company and not collaborating with many other people which I feel like I am missing out.

But doing things mainly solo has given me most control and fun. It is genuinely fun and super super gratifying figuring out on your own.

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