Updates (June 7, 2024)

Life: Work and passion and growth and relief – It is hard to balance everything. Life in the modern world is hard if you want to grow and explore more. It requires a lot of discipline sometimes. Also requires a lot of stress relief too. Whenever I am stressed, I take a trip to Scarborough or Mississauga to see other perspectives. It is nice. Most people who look like me just “behave basic general Asian” in public. I go to the food courts and am welcomed by familiar faces. It is good. Different ways of living in Scarborough and Mississauga for sure for people that look like me. But the underlying push sometimes is that people from all walks of life strive to do the best jobs and live among Canadians. It is a fusion somewhat. Fusion sometimes.

Culture: Working now requires me to limit social interaction more – Doing web development is really pushing my limits. I have to limit social media. I know I have to do web development. It is math and individual growth and self study. Individual growth and self study are the keys to development. That is all there is. It will give you everything you want really. It helps your ego and health and visibility. People see that concentration in you when you have that knowledge and skills. To do this, it is just basically turning off your phone and turning off all your social media web browser tabs and staying in your room alone studying and zoning out in it for 4-5 hours. This is what I am still learning from Tan Vu (John). This is the only way to gain the skills in the modern world to work in it.

Life: I said, taught and explained myself, now what? – I feel empty now explaining my thoughts and ways and ideas and projects. I guess it is time to zone in on work and zone out doing what I want. Keep thinking of ideas and projects to do. Talk to older people and see how they live, think and pace through life. I guess really it is just ideas and projects we can talk about???

Life: Did I really focus on doing what I truly wanted? – Do I need more education? Do I need to explore more? What things do I need to learn more of? Did I go far enough yet to feel pretty comfortable? I guess you keep going.