Updates (June 6, 2024)

Life: Maturity and old age and social – I finally am doing stuff so I have time to understand social things that affect me.

  • You are supposed to do what you want. That will give you focus, growth and help you thrive.
  • Social interactions are mostly meaningless when you are old. It is all thinking in space and the mind is free and limitless.
  • You can not make younger adults understand what you are experiencing as old man. You can try to tell them. Some will understand but the young adults are having fun still and will just store your advice for future use.
  • You are supposed to mature to a wise old man and have that old age wisdom to live by.
  • You are supposed to talk to other old people your age to have that connection and bond of feeling older and talk about older things.
  • Older people will just understand you and let you live in peace.
  • There is good, bad and ugly in you that is just a part of life. But in the Western sense relax and take the time to help understand the parts of life and work with it to cooperate and learn with everyone like a man.
  • But at the end of the day take the time to do what you want too so it makes you happy and grow and be nice. You need a piece of that everyday to learn and grow and be proud of.

Life: I took the bus today and it was interesting – Young college students going to college are so rigid sometimes. Most think one way and are mostly negative. They strive for education, work to better themselves and for social status. Because they are still young they think tunnel vision and 1-layer deep. School does grow you to better yourself. You see and do more and sometimes you are nice with that new knowledge and teach and share with others. It shows in your face and body and energy too. But then there is cultural, lookism and ageism too. Age matters a lot. You can do a lot of things to improve your experiences on how to deal with people. Mostly do your passions and grow and learn through difficult education and experiences. The key thing is experience. It was a good thing I am old now and can deal with a lot of the general social negative interactions out in society. But young adults in school are so rigid. The old people like me however, are basically on their way to becoming 60 years old (senior citizens) so there is no youthful looks no more to use and no young thinking. Therefore we are just “old books” to read and talk to learn from. You should not act young when you are old but (young and wise) is OK. This way is to avoid all problems in life. But at the end of the day, it is learning and growing and enjoying yourself doing it. I have to grow up to deal with people. It is no fun when you just see the general negativity of society. You have to grow old and wise and look mature to arise from it.

Culture: You can live in two cultures or more – There is your homeland culture, the Westernized-homeland culture and the pure Western culture. But there is also what you think and believe in that makes you noble, proud and to function for your happiness and growth. This one is independent and arises from interacting with the pure Western culture. I am not white and I am ugly so I have to at the end of the day figure my way around to build my own life and path that makes me grow and thrive without negativity from outside. This is what happens when you get in your middle-age. This is how you deal with middle-aged people. Old seniors don’t care but in-order to deal with the young adults and middle-aged people you have to have your own life. Old age is just sitting there learning and thinking outside the box and trying to be knowledgeable as best you can without the ego.

Culture: Can you just live in your homeland culture here in Canada? – In Mississauga where there is a large number of Vietnamese, you could but it is “Asia”. The other Asian nationalities try to dictate how other nationalities to live and act according to Asian nationalistic values sometimes. Does it work? It can but for me to think the way I want, feeling good and have my freedom I live in Oshawa with Western people.

Culture: Outside in the real world is different – People in healthcare and working for big companies and schools are living within the system mostly. It is somewhat changing with new ideas. But out on the streets, it is whatever it takes to feel good and be different for your health, growth and thrive with good impact that is new, different and helps. New novel ways.

Culture: Teaching young adults is hard – It takes years of experience and skill building to understand what skilled people are talking about. I am just partly skilled. I just still do what I like and trying hard to do work. It is so tiresome.

Life: Socializing is alright but … – It is specialized knowledge that helps you. Gives you something to think about and an edge and depth. It takes you away from the 1-level layer talking that could be mostly negative against you.

Work: Lets keep trying work and see what the benefits are – I still want to do my dreams and passions but at the end of the day lets do more and explore.