Updates (June 5, 2024)

Life: Ben Cybulski – It is great working with him.

Life: You have to learn constantly and improve your knowledge and conscious – After working and teaching others, you become levelled again; you plateaued. You have to build up more knowledge skills, reflect and grow more in everything to level up and continue the teaching process for you and your students/audience. But at least you can do is improve things generally and externally. That means create foundation, projects, and ideas to represent you and your people??? Things out here in the West are pretty “classist”. You might as well not only help everyone generally but also help represent your people.

Culture: The only thing you can do is create projects to create content – It is nice to talk and learn with everyone. But to show and represent yourself and your background is to create stuff. It is a reflection of you and your struggle. You could just work, work, work generally. But your individual passions should help both solve your problems in terms of “face” and resolve your feelings of lacking to fill your ego.

Culture: Understand multiculturalism – There is such things as thinking to the full extent and beyond with your own perspective to see the results and products without people bothering you. Diversity matters. Western people can act civilly with people from all around the world here in Canada.

Life: What my mom says – In the beginning, I did not understand what my mom meant. She gave birth to me and wanted me to just focus on doing what I liked. Even my grandfather (mom side) said the same. He wanted me to be educated. Even Ben Cybulski’s parents understand me.

Work: I really think in Canada and in modern times you are supposed to focus on education – You can either work or be educated for me I think. But with how the system of the world is setup now, the most beneficial thing in life and at my age is to keep educating. Seriously at my age, educating is what I have left. My mind has changed now to just educate and learn and develop at my age.

Life: I went to eat pizza near the local college – I look old and my face looks mature, I have education and half a lifetime worth of experience. The students and young people understand that I am an old timer now. They leave me alone because I have that knowledge and experience. It is far out things now.

Life: Ben Cybulski – If Ben has all the answer and pathways for you to attain knowledge and skills, then what is life? It is supposed to be expected that there is Ben and he helps you do what is good, grow and thrive. Then all you are doing is just making your way to get those skills and build those ideas. Simple like that I suppose? How to grow knowing and having that? I guess you can still do what you are passionate about? Do something your way too? Have an outlet for you to express yourself? But seriously Ben has all the ideas worth doing.