Updates (June 4, 2024)

Life: I guess I understand my life now – Because I am lucky to have what I have, I work with Ben Cybulski of ( and Al Michael Lane of ( That should be understood. I should be happy and concentrated on working with these people. What else is there? What else is there for me? What else is there for me in this world? What else should I be concentrated on? What is my focus? What is the focus of me as a man? What is the focus for me at middle-age?

Life: A month back – I went shopping to buy some Thai Basil in Oshawa downtown Asian market. I was standing there in the downtown core. What was I thinking? I felt a bit anxious and hopeful and despair. I was thinking about life. What was I doing? Whenever I go out by myself in public sometimes I wonder. As a middle aged man for awhile now I think broader and bigger. I think about life questions. What am I going to do? What is the impact of doing what I am doing? Is there more? This is even when I have a job working as a web developer. Old age and the downtown surroundings makes you think.

Work: When I was working as a dishwasher – When I was working as a dishwasher, the older senior workers told and pushed me to get educated and live like a Westerner.

Life: All you can do is do ideas and projects and share that for everyone to grow. This is growth.