Updates (June 2, 2024)

Life: I went shopping in 2024 – I went shopping at the largest supermarket. I bought a drink. It is a Sunday. It is 2024 now. I am in North Oshawa, Ontario, Canada and diversity has come to this area. It is like Scarborough now. People are somewhat divided on the way they look now. It is not just 90% Canadians and 10% minorities. When it is 90:10 ratio, it is them versus you. At 90:10, the Canadian culture takes over. But when 90% of the customers are colored then the atmosphere changes and colorism and lookism takes over; all the shades are shown and we all must get along better and understand each other better. I did not have to move to Toronto to feel like I am in Asia. Hmmm … My family moved to Oshawa in 2008 from Ajax. It took 16 years for North Oshawa to become diverse. And during that time, I was trying to grow and study … it paid off. I wasn’t just enjoying myself just living in ‘Asia’ like when I was at Scarborough/Toronto. My parents moving me here to Oshawa forced me to face the “Western truths” and study and network with thinkers like Ben Cybulski and Al Michael Lane. But regardless, I kind of knew eventually I had to study and increase my skills. I know a lot more now and got there quicker by staying in Oshawa and networking with bright, bright minds here for the last 16 years.

Culture: I am living in Asia now – The area where I live is exactly like Asia now. But I am old now with some grey hairs and don’t like to go outside no more. In my early 30s and late 20s, I thought money and career mattered so much. But when I am old now, I just do things to increase my skills overall. As an old looking person now, the majority of people in public which are young adults look at me as a middle-aged man now. They make me feel old and treat me old and ignore me. It is mostly a relief to be treated old somewhat. In public, I can concentrate on enjoying my coffee and take pleasure in eating foods without people bothering me. No one deals with old people. I now understand the mindset of senior citizens now. Just staying indoors reading a newspaper or watching some TV or learning something new. I am grateful, in the end I made it to middle-age and am very happy. I concentrated on doing noble things and got my education, skills and recognition from working with very noble people in the community.

Health: What I always forget now is to thrive! – Before I was just slotting in there and taking the bad treatment from others. Now I live to thrive.