Updates (June 1, 2024)

Culture: Socializing with my peers – I am learning about how deep life is.

  • There is such thing as your homeland culture. I am Vietnamese and now socializing with my people. I am learning new things everyday and it is opening my mind.
  • When I am doing something I dislike which is like web development, I feel unhappy LOL. All I can do is sit there in my room and keep trying. It is somewhat giving me good feelings.
  • After 1 year finishing school, I realize here in Canada there are a lot of “bad apples” who try to dictate how I should live my life. I realized how wrong that is and should ignore those “bad apples” completely. The “bad apples” don’t see how bad it is. I got to cut them off or else I can not thrive and live and grow healthy and evolve.
  • I went to Scarborough Town Center mall the other day and realize, realize how I look after schooling and work for the last 4 decades. I finally took the time to see how I look in the diverse mall public setting. Yes, I am a Southeast Asian looking guy who looks middle-aged now. In the big picture of the world, there is nothing for me. I am ugly in the West. I just have to enjoy learning, eating healthy (no consuming sugar basically), drinking lots of water and keeping busy LOL. I improved my looks by doing lots of interesting things but I am still ugly in the West LOL. I finally see, see now after 4 decades of learning LOL. I just have to use my mind more now to improve my health and looks. Whatever I can get and improve LOL. I always knew you could get better physically by exerting yourself mentally so I am lucky to know that.
  • I can not really ask myself to work so hard. I should just take my sweet time because I am Canadian-born. LOL. This I understand for a while now.
  • White people are really smart. I have to keep learning and improving to feel relevant. Basically try my best and to learn what they learn and add my input to see what I can add.
  • I was anxious and worried for 40 years until I learned and was supported. Once my more experienced friends pushed me towards web development I am finally at ease now. I guess life you have to find an activity that will satisfy you somewhat in terms of work, growth and challenge and intelligence. After finding web work I finally shut up LOL.
  • I think colored. After the colored talk there is more. Thinking outside the box. I don’t think you can be just consumed by social agendas entirely???
  • I also learned you have to make a larger table for people to join in your education, fun and lifestyle. When I was growing up, I was excluded. Now that I learned a lot and learned in my domain and with my friends, I have something to offer and should help others and extend my hand more.
  • Working with Ben Cybulski changes the level and perspective greater. You can pounce around talking about social issues but when it is time to talk about what is growth and the importance for more growth and thriving then there is the higher level I suppose with Ben. Otherwise everything is on foot and messy and not good. Could be possibly bad for growth and not for the greater good.
  • All of this is above is maybe meaningless because I live in Canada. I have taken the time to grow and learn. Everyone is at their own pace and have different circumstances??? Well we should strive for better and that will help us evolve and thrive??? Well we all should be lenient and know everyone changes if given the opportunity and education and experiences. But again everyone is at their own pace with their reasons.