Updates (May 30, 2024)

Life: You got to do things your way or there is just stress – I am working now and trying to get paid. The classist system wasn’t in my favor out in general public for me to thrive. But then I grew up and figured out I had to take care of myself regardless of anyone or anything. I found people willing to employ me at the end who understood that. I am networking in my Vietnamese groups and realize 2 things:

  1. There is such thing as culture and your culture grows you up
  2. You still have to do what you like in life. It is too stressful to do this and that to pay the bills and accumulate wealth here in the West for me. At the end of the day, what you did and what you have is just that. Some people may have more experiences and other works. And you have what you have and that is good enough at the moment. You really can not ask for more. When you are trying to grow and start a family here in the West, you realize you were preparing for spouse in your North Americanized Vietnamese culture. It was your culture preparing you all along and that you needed.

I tried working with other cultures and it is just systemic levels all day. Nothing worked out for me to thrive. I am Southeast Asian and that means I am colored and ugly in the eyes of the West. I know that deep down so I pushed hard to educate myself and it changed my energy and looks to be better and to thrive. Thrive for what I believe in. And that is what I have and not just what society dictates.

Anyways I am understanding that all I can do is just sit in front of my computer and learn and work. It improves me overall, overall. I see it in public. I am becoming smarter and wiser and my aura is improving to be nice and more knowledgeable. That is what is good in this world. This is what is positive and growth.

Younger people want the best jobs and millions of dollars under their name. But what I have is what I have. What I have is what I have at the moment. I focus on learning and doing what I like. This gave me unique intelligence and some recognition. I think that is pretty good to thrive with.

Can a person really work in the public sector born in Canada disregarding the system? Colored kids born in the West have this feeling of being colored. Does that ever go away? Does your homeland culture get utilized like foreigners do? It seems this colorization dictates everything.