Updates (May 29, 2024)

Life: Just living life now – No need to think otherwise.

Work: More web development – The more I do web development I understand this … I understand how complicated it is to make a visually appealing website for the client and for the masses. It is almost never perfect. Trying to perfect this art while producing the code that is stable and updatable is what drives the work and the effort. I don’t think there is an activity so full that pushes and allows you to grow in so many ways. This can go on forever and ever. It is a activity/job that takes you away from the hustle and bustle drag of ordinary life. All your “normal” problems seem worthless and unnerved when you meet the issue of doing art and code in one.

Life: What I learned living and working in the city Scarborough, Ontario, Canada – When I finally got the stable job I wanted in 2020, it felt good but odd. I was working as a peer-tutor for Centennial College as nursing tutor at Morningside Campus. I felt as long as I kept my marks in B+ and up range, I could become some educator and healthcare worker for life. The pay was great for just using your mind all day taking care of people, being collaborative and helpful and putting in the extra supports when needed for positivity, growth and to thrive. The problem I realized is the possible limits of this job. Was I living out the “North American dream”? I am Canadian-born and have all the security and education I want here in Canada. The international students from all across the world were at Centennial College with their limited English skills pursing some stable jobs and some sky high jobs like engineering. What was I going to do for the next 60 years??? If anti-aging gets working in my lifetime, what will I do for the next 100+ years? It makes you think.

Life: How I thought at 25 years old to what I thought later:

  • 25 years old – I thought education in universities and working at universities was the goal. Attaining computer sciences (Math) was the ultimate job/career skill. With computer programming you can span many and most subject areas as things needed to be computerized and automated.
  • 26 years old – Abstraction and theory I learned was the goal during first year 2nd semester university in computer science. Thinking like a research academic was the goal.
  • 28-29 years old – Creating modern Internet content that had the Western appeal was the goal. Focus on making media.
  • 33 years old – Creating software was the goal to create your own content and give your own take on making solutions. Simplified and mass appeal.
  • 35-36 years old – Living outside of your tired old body and doing your dreams of creating new things with your mind
  • 40 years old (2024 now) – Web development – doing a job that not many want for money and to utilize your whole brain (left and right / art and logic) and body. Nothing is perfect. This is job is as perfect as they come. To satisfy the client, the audience and have a lifelong client is stressful and maybe quite doable if you practice enough. That is a high goal to make things go and for you to thrive. Web development/design is mysterious and quite eluding for me.

Culture: Thrive or not – Some cultures and many young people, we just all slot in there. But what is it to thrive? Will I get the chance to thrive?

Health: Medicine and Life – You can have bad genetics and be predisposition to have some sickness but isn’t the environment the main cause for sickness to arrive? Well attaining your goals in life without the bothersome naysayers and to thrive is what is needed to avoid most things? Thriving and growing is key. Basically doing what you want and possibly more???

Programming: What is the secret to do programming? – There is two things that kept me programming. 1. Scared of being unskilled in the modern world. 2. Having interest in it. The most helpful thing about doing programming was to live in a country to allow me to study till I felt comfortable. Thank you CANADA!!!

Culture: Get away from the naysayers – It took me until I was basically 40 years old to push back all the negativity I had in life growing up here in Canada. Basically my Vietnamese friends here in Canada shifted my focus away from the “bad apples”. I could focus on my friends’ good nature and their help to focus going down their upward path of social mobility and job mobility. I guess culture does matter. My Vietnamese friends here in Canada are thriving … My friends pushed me to do web development and that was the help I needed. Beyond the everyday is web development.