Updates (May 27, 2024)

Life: Are we going to stand around voicing our feelings? – The time spent judging can spent developing. Are we supposed to dedicate all our time socializing about the system/situation? How much depth and new ideas are created and time spent on these? There is no need for classist and stereotypical thinking. I spent the last year doing what I want and still met with racist and stereotypical thinking with people. Now facing these challenges, I must forget and let go of these barriers and negativity. I will reap what I want and not stay put. I am older and grown more to see that I was too wary and concerned of what people think too much harming my growth and independence. I stopped growing. I stagnated and became dumb. Level up to be my next chapter in life without the media and society dictating what an old man should do. We all become this one day. All alone and mature and very independent thinking for growth and new opportunities and challenges. What new ventures await?

Culture: Even after what I did with my actions, I still get treated like crap – I guess I grow and do what I want now.