Updates (February 19, 2024)

Life: Socializing in the Vietnamese community in Canada – I think I understand the Vietnamese community in Toronto. We can support each other. The Vietnamese ones that are old and very Westernized understand that you have to rise and break stereotypes and evolve when you get older. We can try to playfully impress each other to grow and evolve our community.

Culture: Vietnamese-Canadian group – Is there actually group thinking? Do the Vietnamese born here in Canada actually feel different from the Vietnamese overseas? I think yes. There will always be that you are different from me. Race matters here in Canada and it is made concretely when you are born and raised here. Overseas Vietnamese see it as something as a trait and not as a identifier I think. I can never make a Vietnamese from overseas understand what I feel being born here in Canada.

Culture: There must be understanding of your own culture – At the end of the day, your culture is the one you should really practice because there you might grow. You have a starting point.

Life: INFJ Personality – “introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging” is my personality type naturally. I can be more self-centered and gain things but naturally I like helping people. Over the past year or so, I changed my thinking to be more self-centered to grow and become more masculine. It was good to not be such a people pleaser and actually grow in depth and for myself. These personality test and my INFJ personality doesn’t really exist all the time as you try to grow up and try to attain a proper working life where you need money and work. You have to be a bit selfish at times. If I don’t be selfish at times, I will always be tired and think spaced out all over in the 1-dimensional social landscape. I like putting my head in the clouds and sometimes beyond it.

Life: I have to accept others while explaining I am a INFJ personality type that has his head in the clouds. I don’t like to think about people. Thinking about people is problematic for me because it is all about ego and power and control and influence when I am mostly out of my body.

Life: When I got older and started talking, my head is in the clouds – When I finally started talking to Vietnamese-Canadians, I gradually grew into talking about thinking. This is different from Vietnamese from Vietnam and other people. I guess I understand now what to talk about. It is nice talking about higher things.

Programming: What will more schooling do? – Because my head is in the clouds and not thinking about people, what would actual more schooling at college and university do for me? Is it worthwhile at my age? I have Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov to give me interesting work.

Life: Yes, it is just life in the clouds – I think home alone, I should think naturally like my personality type and just accept my head in the clouds. And not really think about people. The INFJ personality type is rare too. It is the idealist, advocate and counselor personality. I am very idealistic.

Life: Born in Oshawa – Being born in Oshawa made me have a different thinking from other Vietnamese born in Toronto and Vietnam. For me I tried to work on thinking very heavy on Western ideals. I could work with Canadians but I never found my place in Oshawa to settle down.

Programming: All you have are your personal projects – Sometimes growing up especially in high school and later, you seem to try to figure out where you belong in society when you are old. But in Oshawa, you never really belong. Therefore, you stay home working online with your same frequency friends. For me I am defined as a Vietnamese person wanting to be Westernized. You can never settle. It is good and bad. Your head is always in the clouds living out here in the East.

Life: What I learned growing up Westernized in Ajax and Oshawa – You have to study for life. You have to make a life for yourself. Regardless of anything or anyone you must keep doing your studies in the field you want. I heard this from another Vietnamese-Canadian studying here in Oshawa who is now doing his PhD. Basically you got to protect yourself by investing in yourself because you are coloured.