Updates (February 17, 2024)

Life: Finally trying to have a social life and a life now – Things I have learned socializing for awhile

  • Attaining “goals” are actually very individualistic and personal and not just passing a standard test or doing a standard courses in life really. You really have to go deep into your gut and heart to do stuff you like and see what happens.
  • The social world is pretty bad. It is frustrating because it is based on different peoples cultures and feelings. You can not really compare and understand other people’s culture and feelings especially if it is outside your culture.
  • Once you have a passion/activity you do that is not based on general social activities or mainstream culture you can finally freely live. You have a life that is different from others and it feels like freedom. That is what everyone should seek so they live freely, independently and it feels great forging your own path in the world.
  • Social life is pretty pointless outside. It is all about your passions and interests that you should do all day. You then have something to talk about and grow from. Doing your passions and interest improves your social skills at the end and improves everything. It is not the general socializing, it is your passions that will grow you.
  • Some people think life is 1:1 socializing but that is contained and there possibly isn’t anything new that arises from general socializing. It is mainly cyclic and lots of drama and could be bad. I worked a lot of jobs and it is always bad.
  • General work in society is just group work. It is all trying to get along and giving and taking away things to give balance and please the bosses that are higher up like in high school. General work did not help me achieve individuality and improve my status and did not help me evolve. Nothing new came out of it. It was just trying to balance whatever is out there currently. Being “just a number” for life isn’t that great.
  • As a Vietnamese it just bad when socializing with other groups because other groups who not in the majority mainstream forefront group in Canada try to maintain their status in the gradient and limit others who try to improve themselves. Only within your group can you grow and think outside the box because there is freedom in your group to say and do things to experiment and do things. I finally work in my Vietnamese-Canadian group to do things but I also try to help everyone regardless of their group. I try very hard to be liberal and open minded and help everyone so things improve and change overall. Improving your status and improving your skills and have upward mobility is what counts to change things and make yourself feel good. Things must change and improve.
  • I am not white Canadian. Some white Canadians who are usually younger than me and just do mostly social type jobs try to teach me and guide me but the reality for me there is racism within the colored population limiting my upward mobility in public institutions. I have to work 100% independently and work with my same frequency friends to improve my status outside their influence. I won’t be able to work in general society and improve because some colored people at workplaces are very keen to limit others because all they care is to maintain their status in the gradient. Is that justifiable?
  • Older white Canadians who are on my frequency let me do whatever I want.
  • Regardless of all this, I will just do my passions everyday alone to keep busy here in Canada. That is really all I can do at the end. Socializing is crap 99.9999% of the time because it is usually a race, culture, control, influence and power game. Only your same frequency friends will allow you to grow and expand to think beyond general everyday socializing and reach to the stars. You really can’t influence other groups. Only your group and your same frequency friends understand you in your way and help you.
  • Socializing too much eventually goes to the crap house. Small minded people will eventually put you in your culture group from the 1400’s labelling. So life should be all about your passions at the end that will consume 90% of your time. Just doing what you like and ignoring the social aspects will keep you good frame of mind and have a good life. Socializing so much will eventually become so superficial and 1-dimensional and will be not nice. It would probably never reach outside the box thinking. Is everything supposed to be 1-dimensional?
  • You should live outside the box I think to have good feelings and grow and evolve.
  • You have to go full throttle on your passions alone and with your same frequency friends. That will evolve you to have better skills, knowledge and better looks and better social presence out in society. It is not hanging around all day at the mall I think. If a social interaction confuses and consumes you then that interaction went against this evolving activity. It is all about your passions because that is probably the only thing good in the world to do.
  • Being colored is a whole different game.
  • Thinking about socializing and trying to socialize all the time is wrong. Unless you are a social person or have a job that is social. I think about socializing so much lately and it has gotten me no where because it goes to the crap house. It should be talking about passions and good things. But how much can anyone handle of that?
  • It is all about pushing your culture at the end and focusing on the good aspects of your culture. That is the only light in the darkness.
  • For me socializing and thinking about people so much makes me tired and I get frustrated. I should really focus on what I like all day instead of people. Usually listening to people goes no where.
  • Socializing is almost like balancing people.
  • Socializing with other cultures usually doesn’t help because everything goes back to balance. Everything goes back to the current structure in the system for the last 200 years.
  • Socializing with good Westerners tells you to move forward in improving yourself universally. Study, work, love, change and evolve.
  • Socializing a lot and thinking about people actually don’t get you no where mainly because it is just people trying to fit in, generally help each other and balance each other out and sometimes challenge each other in good ways. Sometimes it is bad too when people don’t understand how to life liberal and progressively. The activity you should gain is the power of programming/engineering which is creation so you don’t have to think on the superficial social level. You have to try and try to think outside-the-box and create new ideas and patterns and mindsets to fully do something different and feel free arising from your everyday problems.

Programming: It looks bleak – After studying this far in programming it looks like a bottomless pit of 0’s and 1’s if I want to dive deeper in programming. I think I have a problem. I don’t actually want to get disciplined and stable learning programming but rather just want to do things I want and zone out.

Life: Future Wife – I think it all boils down to is having an optimistic wife who thinks positive, someone who think thinks, and someone I can contain and care for who won’t be upset of what job I do. I am not sure if I can really do computer programming for big bucks unless I study for the next 10+ years and get super strong and disciplined. If she is born in Canada that is easy because they expect a long drawn out educated life forever in Canada and I can continue to focus on doing brainy things in the comfort of my own space. What do Vietnamese women expect? I am sure if the husband is so dedicated in learning that is super and good and stable! Are Vietnamese women focused on status of a professional career like doctors? I honestly would love to do my projects for life though and see where it takes me and grows me. Do women see the value of doing personal projects??? Also I am ugly as a Vietnamese man as colored people are deemed ugly according to the West. But I am Vietnamese cultured in my core. Are Vietnamese women Vietnamese cultured in their core? I can not really behave and live in other cultures except Vietnamese though. I don’t know how to function unless it is Vietnamese really. If it is Vietnamese then I know what to do to get things like education and thinking like a Vietnamese person and also think outside the box. I think I am talking about nonsense, it is about the heart.

Culture: What is the Vietnamese way? – Hmmm … I think I am doing alright and helping. I am doing stuff and explaining what I am doing and how to do it. All it required was to just to do my thing independently first.

Health: Masculine thinking – I am slowly getting my health back after finishing school last year and growing. All I needed to do really was do my own thing in my culture. As a 39 year old man now, I am no longer just a young adult who thinks stereotypically. I am old and now thinking out-of-the-box but still in my culture. If I think in someone else’s culture then I can not do anything and become a fat useless slob because it is confusing and not liberal and not progressive. I have to care about myself first or there is nothing. I just eat and think in Vietnamese-Canadian all day with my same frequency friends and do things I want all day. No need to worry so much about everything going around really because what I think like is liberal and progressive with my friends. I must think to drive things forward my way because that is unique and possibly cool and worthwhile to see more open thinking.

Programming: You have to learn programming to see and understand the power of creation – I see people on the streets and homeless people here in Oshawa and see homeless people on YouTube videos all across North America and the world. The power of creation like programming could help those people. . I studied programming because I liked it somewhat but also was scared of being jobless. I was scared of being reliant on a company or someone.

Life: Modern thinking – You have to arise from everyday thinking and challenge what your friends say including what your family says. Think bigger and broader than your mom and dad. That is what I do within my Vietnamese groups and family. Other cultures may not understand that. I am 39 years old and have to think broader and more to socialize within my Vietnamese groups to entertain and grow and socialize. There is actually different cultures in this world where you can actually think different and launch from and try to fabricate new ways of thought. Does mainstream culture account for everything and all new thoughts arising? You must have something different to show? Or are we going to muddle in the same pot? Are we all going to just hang around and chill? I have to think different and new to entertain my Vietnamese groups. How are you going to entertain your groups and yourself?