Updates (February 15, 2024)

Life: After 9 months out of school and reflecting – The reality is what my brother does. My brother William Nguyen does what he likes everyday and pursues it all day alone in his room with his group of friends on his frequency. Growing up I was tossed around and tossed myself around trying to get along with everyone and that got me no where. It made me sick and tired. So doing my passion of developing computer software utilities like in the 1990’s for Windows was all I liked to do here in Canada and I thought it was pretty far out there. It was a high goal that is hard to achieve because it is always evolving which is the kind of goal you need in life. That is a part of modern Western society I think. I talk to my friend Ben Cybulski and he creates more intuitive tools. Dmitry Nefedov keeps on surprising me creating better improvements to his projects.