Updates (February 14, 2024)

School: The real world is different – Teachers and students are in the categorized system at school and also in companies and work. No one has time to think different and mature to think outside their body as there are assignments/projects due yesterday and capitalistic goals of squeezing every penny. But out at the 24-hour restaurant diner eating alone at midnight and walking down the street at 8pm, you do forget all this “classism” and start to think outside the box. That is why I like doing what I am doing alone with my same frequency friends. No need for the influence of the “system” because when you are middle-aged with lots of life experience, no one cares to just think in those terms because that is limiting.

Culture: All Vietnamese-Canadians struggle the same – I realized now after growing more with Vietnamese-Canadians, we are all struggling trying to get that knowledge, skills and experience here in Canada to live a healthy, productive, smart life.

Health: 39 moving on to 40 years old – After you get so old, all that really matters is how intelligent you are in math and tech. You don’t want to look like a person who wasted his life partying. At middle-age your looks have fell off and you hit the wall.

Culture: Why I benefited from studying in Oshawa over Scarborough – The mainstream culture of Canada is the measuring tool of everything. I had teachers who helped me here in Oshawa over Scarborough. Other cultures are OK to practice and live by but the overall mainstream culture of Canada still persists. Growing up in Ajax and Oshawa and spending sometime in Scarborough, I understand what is really forward thinking and inclusive. I have to think cultured if I venture out into the Toronto city which is different from Oshawa. Scarborough did not really work for me to obtain self-actualization and outside of the box thinking because I was not included while I was there. Knowing that experience and knowing what I know, I was lucky to change to a positive mainstream Canadian mindset like when I was young growing up in Ajax and Oshawa now and work with my forward minded friends in Oshawa.

Health: You got to push out what you want – To live a healthy life is to push and push to see more than what is 10 meters in front of you without the disturbance of people and opposing cultures.

Health: Safe hate does not occur for me no more – I used to think I was fresh-off-the-boat Asian. Then I realized to remove this thinking was to pursue what I wanted, work with Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov to change my mindset and work many more years with them to finally turn the page to a smart creation mindset that has no problems programming. Being published in was quite the game changer. Having the ability to create without much learning stress was all it took. So everyone should be smart and learn something really hard to change their mindset and improve everything including their looks.

Health: Do what you like and go past it – Life can be a struggle but if you push hard enough then you can get to a state where you are proud of who you are disregarding the skin and race you are in. There are life goals and there are comparisons. You have to achieve accomplishments that are so unique to set yourself free from labels and the system. After you achieved something so unique and high then you are proud everyday when you reflect back. You have to be selfish and achieve your intelligent creative goals or else you will be stuck in the pool of comparisons and competition and hate from others. You have to rise above and do what you want that is uniquely yours.