Updates (February 13, 2024)

Life: You have to vent and talk to grow – You have to talk about your issues and concerns and wishes. Talking and socializing on whatever platforms will evolve you to grow pass your hurdles and problems. It will grow you to pass stereotypes and give you intelligence and skills to rise above.

Culture: Vietnamese friends – You are bonded with your Vietnamese friends whether they are from Vietnam or Canada.

Culture: Vietnamese from Vietnam – Vietnamese from Vietnam are so independent and have personalities. I see Vietnamese born here in Canada are more practical and have a sense of community with the people of Canada and the world. People born in North America have guilt when things are not equal and not liberal. As a Canadian and Vietnamese, I worry a lot of doing the right thing. I used to worry about everything but I realize now it has to be only liberal and progressive. I can not do anything if it is in someone else’s culture that is not universal and Canadian now I realize. Someone else’s culture doesn’t include me I find. All the software creations I do is very forward thinking and is a combination of my independent liberal thinking, working with my same frequency friends, and Canadian ways of trying to make stuff.

Work: It was all about making unique complexity and having something interesting to think and talk about – I do programming to think logically and somewhat simple and direct. But at the end, the things I talk about and do is complex and different I think for me.

Life: You got to make people think broad and afar rather than personal – You have to think broad most of the time and think in philosophy and really out there. That is what people crave and need and want to hear. The Western way does it someway. I think differently still though. My thinking is still not Western. My way got me some good things as I was being tedious and walking slowly absorbing my surroundings.

Life: Socializing now – You meet a lot of different characters out in public. Some characters I meet that I have trouble with aren’t Westernized yet and project and push their cultures over Canada. I realize that isn’t helping me. I got to talk to very liberal minded people who are very Westernized to do anything. You got to avoid certain groups I see now after socializing for a year after finishing school. Socializing has its limits. I can just focus on myself like my parents do. Also I can zone out. My dad is very social but has a universal all seeing eye. I got to think like him to have anything I realize now.

Culture: Vietnamese-Canadians just act this way? – I see now that some Vietnamese-Canadians who I socialize with just float too. We are all in this floating dilemma trying to work in the system while being content, productive and achieving status and goals.

Work: Working alone – It is good to work alongside Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov, but what about myself? I can not just describe myself as a person that works with my friends only. I have to think independently. I need to work on myself to grow a bunch too. I need to grow as well or I feel off and behind.

Health: What is the best activity for health at middle-age? – Is there something you can do and think about that will give you health, instead of just focusing on the medicine, food and bad social interactions? Do you have to deal with all the baggage? Or can you just stay with your friends all day? It feels so lacking to just hang around with your friends all day. Do I want to deal with the baggage? What comes from dealing with the baggage from young immature adults? There is no baggage with mature people …

Health: Am I lazy? – I think I am lazy. I see doctors have lots of energy to deal with all the baggage of the world. I guess I need to evolve and change myself to be like a doctor to deal with everything.

Culture: Only with my Vietnamese world I can do anything I want – I finally realized after socializing tons with other Vietnamese in North America, I can say and do things that come out first naturally. I can put out ideas and see how it gets criticized and manipulated. I am one of the oldest Vietnamese-Canadians and realizing this is so relieving here in North America. I studied for the last 20 years and had almost 1 year off doing things. Am I learning about the Vietnamese-Canadian perspective of the last 49 years since the Vietnam War? Or because of my old age with all my experiences and skills am I doing something different? I know for sure I think differently from the groups I am talking too right now. It is not just talking about the “capitalistic Western/Westernized perspectives” all day. It is about charging through with your mind trying something new and different that reflects you and your group of friends.