Updates (February 10, 2024)

Culture: It reaches a point where you can not just think superficially and normally – Shopping and in the public setting are places where you can no longer just slot in there and be your superficial self. It does not help. You must grow in all forms and ways to grow and also improve your physical self. That is all it is.

Culture: You can not satisfy the mainstream culture – The mainstream culture thinks they have the voice of reason but it doesn’t help a coloured person escape the bad stereotypes. The coloured person must think and live his way to have any good feelings and freedom sometimes. Maybe the coloured person can rise above everything and conduct himself in a way that is universal and respectable?

Life: It has to be you first – For decades I was living for people, when I finally put myself first everything changed to be better. I got better health, better thinking, better creation. I am not sure what people expect of me in Canada but I know now you should be as liberal and Western as you can be to challenge and have good new things to excite and grow you each day. Living such a liberal life will keep you happy everyday really. It will open your mind to unlimited possibilities and give you a voice as long as you keep going and growing and pushing yourself to think of new and exciting things that excite you.

Culture: How to interact in Western society – It is 99.9999% superficial in everyday society. Attitudes and beliefs and power are associated by the person’s look. How can you change your looks to have a say? For me studying so much and doing stuff that I liked changed the way I look and feel. When I go out in society some people notice that I am doing my own thing. Mature people respect that in Canada. I am developing a educational and creation lifestyle that I want and which is respectable. What else can I do looking Vietnamese?

Culture: Vietnam is so Westernized now that I am not sure what people actually think of themselves and about the West. Do people in Vietnam just accept and want a “Hollywood lifestyle”? I can not do that now. I just live the way I want and grow myself to the version of myself that is thoughtful and unique. I don’t look like a plastic doll and never will be. I give up trying to look Western Hollywood. I do stuff unique I think and can not be defined by others really. Yes, there is comparisons and you can generally compare but how do you compare the software and websites I make to other software and other websites? I am focusing on output now. I guess mine are different and have something new to share. I am hopefully developing myself to be someone with a voice and something to deliver. I learned about the Hollywood lifestyle and then grew up to do my own thing. I believe that is the natural way to grow when you have matured and gotten older. I am pushing myself. I am pushing the human spirit to grow and be entrepreneurial and create my own path.

Culture: The mainstream and yourself – I believe if you just stay defined in the mainstream culture you eventually leave that frame of mind when you are finally old. This is what happens when you are alone. If you just stay in the mainstream culture you don’t actually grow in unique and special ways. Eventually everyone understands this and want to be their own person where it then becomes hard to keep up with the mainstream and stay trapped in it. BUT you actually grow as your own person within the mainstream if you grow yourself. You become a independent thinker and driver if you grow yourself too. Individuality is defined in mainstream culture too. So actually you become part of it driving it forward if you finally get old and do your own thing.

Life: Mainstream culture is bad for health – Eventually you just spend time alone all the time and think for yourself. That is not a part of mainstream culture and not part of any group. People from outside can not influence you no more and you just go about your day alone doing the things you want. That is what I am experiencing.

Life: To get people attached – After school and work and probably 3.5 decades of life, to get people attached is to think different and broad and universal.