Updates (February 9, 2024)

Culture: Just side with the culture that allows for freedom and free thinking – I am pretty much free thinking. When I am alone in my room, I do think pretty free. I wonder about what to do to further my thinking and what to do for money. I also think about what I can teach if I want to teach in the future. The odd thing about Canada is that it is a multicultural society. There are some people who I meet are just happy in their group while other groups try to influence and change things. Most of the time I am alone so I don’t care about the social aspects of life. I personally wonder what is the ultimate form of thinking is and the ultimate form of mind and body here in the West as you are from what you are born with.

Culture: Spadina Avenue in Toronto – After a year I finally went back to Spadina Avenue on Feb 7, 2024 and went eating and shopping with my brother and dad. My father had some errands to do so we stopped by China Town and got some fast food and groceries. I hear in public you are supposed to act like yourself normally. But with what I have been doing so far and working on myself and looking older now, it is hard to put yourself in your past young adult shoes again and relax. I did what I truly wanted for the past 3 – 4 years and my needs and wants have changed in a big way. And I guess it shows. Trying to attain good universal things like more education and more goal settings and more in-depth thoughts into my interests are what consumes me now. Being 39 which is half dead and looking old and feeling the time go away, makes you feel different and possibly bleak if you notice I guess. While walking around Spadina, I tried to get into the heads of the older Asian crowd. I tried to look at the senior Asian citizens walking down the street. I think I saw something new at my stage in life. The older Asian people beamed their broad knowledge of the world and of the West and are solely driven by their mind and attaining knowledge and enjoying it peacefully and pleasantly. I guess that is what truly matters. Also that is what truly matters when you get old LOL. In Canada, they have the freedom to learn and think free and attain all the knowledge of the world without it being one-sided or driven politically or for any other reasons. I realized this more when I finished school and rested for almost a year. The old people were just using their minds to enjoy gaining knowledge and live peacefully and enjoy what they have and also enjoy Canada.

Health: What is healthcare to me in 2024 – I get sick and sad when I don’t think, think and do, do now. It has reached a point in my life that I just think and do all the time. It is really odd at my age. When I am in public institutions like schools some teachers who are older than me have not reached this stage yet I think. I actually have to think, think and do, do to feel well now. I pushed myself so far and hard for the last 4 years that it is a need now to keep busy and push to do and think to feel normal and healthy for me. All the social, emotional, cultural problems and interactions don’t mean much or none at all to me really. It is understood and taken in but dealt with. It is not emotionally charged. Whatever my dad says or what healthcare tips I see don’t matter. It is all the act of doing stuff and thinking hard to keep healthy and be normal now. I guess it is a good thing now for me. Also I had to do this to advance and protect myself from being so emotional all the time.

Health: Education and experiences are life – It is not just doing what you want and being comfortable and staying safe all the time. It is actually becoming a person that you want then becoming a person that needs to keep busy to stay normal and healthy. I think that is the ultimate form.