Updates (February 8, 2024)

School: Don’t associate education and smarts with race or culture – Just be knowledgeable and observant. What I learned in doing some more education is that you are supposed to objectify everything. If there is a particular group or culture that pushes their agenda, just do your thing away from them and see where it takes you. The older and more worldly people are who have lots of experience in life in all areas understand this.

Work: Windows 11 Debloater got published in – I finally understand something about life now here in Canada. It was Ben Cybulski’s idea to create Windows Debloaters. The Windows 11 Debloater got published in PCWorld (PDF1) and PCWelt (German) (PDF2). Thank you so much Christoph Hoffmann of PCWorld. We really appreciate you and PCWorld for including our software in your article. Ben and I created something unique and tried to really flesh it out.

Life: What I learned from being published – I learned in life to ignore everyone who wants to have a negative say, control you or put their culture on you. You are supposed to be 100% free thinker really. That is all there is to life in the modern world. In higher education, I learned to objectify everything and don’t take sides. But also push to learn things and do things your way 100% and see where it takes you. It is what you feel in your heart and gut when you “are alone” that will determine everything for you. Not your parents, siblings, family, teachers and friends really. Yes, you may have some friends and family that will believe in you and influence you in a good way, but you should ultimately have the answer yourself. I think everyone has that if they really focus and look deep into their heart. It is universal and not associated with race or culture.

Life: Influencers – Born and growing up in Canada, I learned sometimes there are some groups/people that will try to limit you and put you down and even try to control you so you just live a life aimlessly with no upwards mobility. At 35 years old, I finally gave up listening to people. There was a part of my brain and body that said do what you love all day and satisfy your urges and that is what I have been doing since 35 years old. If you find yourself stuck listening to “your boss”, just wait until you hit this 35 year old mark and break free doing what you want ignoring the naysayers and people that just want to control. You have to be independent and reach self-actualization to feel good and healthy all around everyday. Please listen to yourself and try to attain self-actualization and higher level thinking to objectify everything and don’t get attached to negative polarizing parties/sides. Being open minded is the key and constantly grow attaining more logic and maths and accomplishments like being published. Reach for higher universal things.