Updates (February 6, 2024)

Work: Teach computer programming because – I think I should teach programming as the next step in life and because I don’t want to be left behind. It is an uphill climb with all the benefits. Probably the most benefits.

Work: Professionals – Professional people have this way about them. They are doing something. You should be always doing something. They are providing a service. You should also be providing a service. Doctors serve. Lawyers serve, Pharmacists serve, Scientist serve to bring their ideas and discoveries to the masses. That means everyone should serve? I will serve too! Serve to be whole.

Culture: My family – My family in Canada and Vietnam don’t think what I am doing is anything special. It was at first but now it is the new normal? It just took me 39 years.

Work: To make things concrete – You must keep putting out output for like 5 years and if you can produce something really unique that is true to you. I think things are concrete after 10 years.

Culture: To evolve and make things stick – You must create tons and tons of output and things to avoid the bad naysayers completely and shut them off. You then have so much to fall back on and then you get known for the products and output you produce.

School: It is just silent study of math – Whenever I see a scientist or scholar, the ones that surprise me are independent and analyze life from the singular need for understanding and possible growth. The special ones study so much math that they are what they study. They live and breathe their very own specialized work. It supports them and grows them to be a strong independent person with the ability to survive and work independently in society.