Updates (February 5, 2024)

Life: It is about growth and having your say – I grew up scared voicing my opinion. But at almost 40 years old now, I am voicing my opinion. I don’t think it is healthy not to. You can grow and relieve stress by saying what you want. I am pretty sure everyone needs to grow and it is important to live your way and grow in all ways not dictated by anyone.

Programming: What I want to do now – I want to think and build new thought patterns to create new types of tools and software. Try to think outside system designs, normal patterns and old structure.

Culture: Output – For me, I want to output more.

Life: Education and maturity – You are supposed to be highly educated and mature to have the power and control over others in a civil helpful collaborative manner.

Programming: Programming – I think you are supposed to learn programming to put life in the “programming machine”.

Culture: The way I think – I think the way I think is important for me. I am doing what I think is right and try to help. My way is pretty universal and gives me freedom.

Work: Time to teach – As a 40 year old man now, I finally grew and learned a new angle. I will try to teach programming now from the angle of trying out new experiences and new feelings. As a Canadian, I should be allowed this. Not only will I teach programming for people who want jobs and careers out of it, I will teach from an old man perspective where life is trying and doing new things. That is the angle I want to teach and show. I guess most of my students will be older and excited to learn and grow at older age. They won’t want to decline and stagnant at middle age and beyond. It will be a mental thing and an health improvement act. This will be different and needs to be different. This is pretty fitting at my age.